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  • What our customers
    say about us

    CSR – AC&E’s advanced robot simulation software

    “We have found CSR particularly practical because it is very robust, highly efficient to use and the software support has been incredible. When we began we were keen to see how far simulation with a powerful system like CimStation, could help. Now we view the use of CSR as an essential part of the production process.”

    Boeing spokesman

    “Robot motion at 100% speed can be up to 5 metres per second with a 160kg tool. As a result, the implications of a robot collision can be significant facility damage and down-time. CSR allows us to prove out and optimise robot paths and interactions at 100%, reducing the risk to production.”

    Nissan body-in-white engineer, Adam Garbutt

    Cmmsimulator – error free metrology

    “We have very good experience with applications ideally suited to Cmmsimulator, and so are well-placed to make the most of the software’s performance. We are particularly attracted by the opportunity to prepare error-free programs ahead of time offline from the real CMM and before the work piece for inspection is available. In turn, we can use the extra time saved to improve our CMM programs.”

    Kai Glaesner, working on the topic of inspection software for Body-In-White inspection at DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes Technical Centre)

    Linux Clustering for Optimum Performance

    “Working with ac&e has enabled TRW to implement a Linux cluster based solution with multiples of compute power greater than the similarly priced RISC alternative. Working together we have entered a new era of CAE opportunities facilitated by the solution supported by ac&e. As product design is increasingly led by CAE, the ac&e solution has given us the compute resources to investigate technology previously too complex for CAE and helped deliver the low cost robust solutions demanded by our customers, maintaining the business’s competitive advantage in the market.”

    Dr. David Ward, CAE Team Leader – Steering & Suspension (UK), TRW Automotive