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  • Save Time and Money with Beam & Plate Cutting
    StruCIM® is Applied Computing & Engineering’s integrated software system that drives robotically controlled plasma cutting systems and automates beam and plate cutting for structural steel applications. It is:

    • Highly automated
    • User friendly
    • Easy to integrate

    The software has already produced dramatic throughput improvements for a number of customers.

    Success for CFR
    One of Canada’s top developers of automation for the structural steel industry is now providing robotic cutting solutions powered by Applied Computing & Engineering’s StruCIM® software, improving throughput by 250% on specific cutting tasks. CFR of Québec in partnership with Machitech is arming its customers with its robotic beam cutting system driven by StruCIM®. The system is able to handle beams and flat plates and delivers a significant production advantage over existing methods.
    Learn more about the CFR success story:
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