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  • Accelerate virtualized desktops and applications

    NVIDIA GRID offloads graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU in virtualized environments.

    IT Benefits Include:

    • Take advantage of leading virtualization solutions.
    • Add graphics-intensive users to your virtual environment
    • Improve productivity for all


    User benefits include:

    • Highly interactive windows and multimedia
    • Access to all their applications
    • Usage on any device, anywhere


    Video: Responsive Google Earth

    Video: Fully interactive 3D applications (00:00:32)



    GRID graphics boards are designed specifically for the data center. They have an optimized multi-GPU design that helps maximize user density and are designed to provide data center-class power efficiency, including the revolutionary new streaming “SMX” multiprocessor. Working closely with leading server vendors such as Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, and SuperMicro ensures GRID cards perform 24/7 for the life of the system.


    GRID K1

    GRID K2

    Number of GPUs 4 Kepler-based GPUs 2 high-end Kepler-based GPUs
    Total NVIDIA CUDA cores 768 3072
    Total memory size 16 GB DDR3 8 GB GDDR5
    Max power 130 W 225 W
    Board length 10.5” 10.5”
    Board height 4.4” 4.4”
    Board width Dual slot Dual slot
    Display IO None None
    Aux power 6-pin connector 8-pin connector
    PCIe x16 x16
    PCIe generation Gen3 (Gen2 compatible) Gen3 (Gen2 compatible)
    Cooling solution Passive Passive
    Technical Specifications GRID K1 Board Specifications GRID K2 Board Specifications


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