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  • Forthcoming Events

    Rocket Simulations Bridged to Analytical Solutions Using Model Based Systems Engineering for Earlier Validation and Verification of Flight Termination System Logic
    Thur 2nd August 2018
    Phoenix Integration are delivering this live webinar presented by Mr. Bradley Wayne Nelson of Northrop Grumman. LEARN MORE and REGISTER

    Previous Events

    FieldView 17 Live Event – Easy Access to CFD data for Analysis
    Thur 3rd May 2018
    Intelligent Light is delivering this live event presented by Yves-Marie Lefebvre, FieldView Product Chief. If you rely on Excel, Matlab, Octave and NumPy in your daily work, FieldView 17 allows fast I/O of CFD data for further analysis through MAT-File and CSV. Query your CFD results at super-high speed (200,000 points/sec and more) from a list of points provided in *.mat, *.csv or plain text. This Live web event is also available as a recording. Register here.

    Phoenix Integration – Live webinar – Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization Using Model-Based Engineering to Support Phased Array Antenna Architectural Trades
    Thur 3rd May 2018
    The typical challenge in RF sensor system design is to meet the customer’s specified mission or system performance needs while fitting within the cost, size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints. This work, utilizing ModelCenter, overviews how the Model-Based Engineering (MBE) Integrated Antenna Model has been leveraged to support radar and electronic warfare (EW) trade studies by integrating performance, SWaP, and cost models to explore design trades and optimization. This presentation will demonstrate a framework for how analytical MBE can be adopted by more phased array design programs and capture efforts to support technical & strategic decision making. Register here.

    Phoenix Integration International Users’ Conference
    17th-19th April 2018
    Phoenix Integration is hosting its 2018 International Users’ Conference in April, bringing together its international community of users and partners across multiple industries to explore some of today’s most critical issues within the field of Model Based Engineering.

    Ship Hydrodynamics Seminar, Southampton UK
    27th March 2018
    ac&e partners NUMECA International will deliver this Seminar focussing on improving hull performances and speeding up the design process thanks to FINE™/Marine CFD simulation.

    LIVE WEBINAR: Applications for Three Research Use Cases in Model Centric Engineering using ModelCenter and MBSE Analyzer | STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY:
    Wed 7th February 2018
    This presentation discusses perspectives of Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) research use cases for model-centric engineering (MCE) sponsored by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and the United States (US) Army RDECOM-ARDEC.

    LIVE WEBINAR: Functional Verification of Complex Engineering Designs using System-Level Modeling | MAPLESOFT and PHOENIX INTEGRATION
    Wed 17th January 2018
    As engineered products become increasingly complex, manufacturers are forced to rethink their design processes, and there has been a growing adoption of the systems design & development process. Live Webinar from ac&e partner, Phoenix Integration.

    Future of CFD Now at AIAA SciTech, 8-12th January 2018
    Mon 8th-Fri 12th January 2018
    ac&e partner Intelligent Light are advancing CFD with FieldView 17 and benefits you can realise today. See for yourself at booth 201, AIAA SciTech, Florida, 8-12th January 2018,  to learn how you can advance your CFD.

    NUMECA International User Conference
    Mon 13th-Wed 15th November 2017
    ac&e partner NUMECA, leaders in computational fluid dynamics are staging their 2017 International User Meeting from November 13th-15th in Brussels, Belgium.

    Urban Drainage Group Conference
    Wed 8th-Fri 10th November 2017
    ac&e continues its successful history of supporting the waste water modelling community with hardware support and software insight.

    Predicting and Optimising Electromagnetic Device Performance
    7th November 2017
    ac&e sponsors this Altair event at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry. The event will focus on the latest developments in EM technology and how they are being applied to predict and optimise EM device performances.

    LIVE Introductory Webinar: FieldView Express
    Thur 5th October 2017
    An introductory LIVE webinar for FieldView Express will be held on October 5th at 3pm BST.  FieldView Express is available through the Altair Partner Alliance, Altair will be hosting Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Intelligent Light’s FieldView Product Chief, for this introduction and demonstration of FieldView Express.

    Model Based Engineering – FREE ModelCenter® European Workshop
    Thursday 5th October 2017
    With the Participation of:
    M. Hammadi Moncef & M. Christophe Massacrier – SUPMECA

    Clean Water Modelling Group Conference 
    Wed 4th & Thur 5th October 2017
    ac&e further strengthens its position in the water modelling arena, by supporting the CwMAG Annual Conference

    UK Altair Technology Conference 
    Tuesday 19th September 2017
    Gaydon, Warwick
    The event for computer aided engineering technology in the design process. ac&e will once again be supporting the event.

    Model Based Engineering Workshop – 11th July 2017
    Tuesday 11 July 2017, 10am, 4pm
    Driving Productivity and Innovation in Engineering Design
    Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry
    ac&e in partnership with Phoenix Integration invite you to a free one-day workshop where you will learn how, with ModelCenter®, you can drive productivity and innovation in engineering design.

    CIWEM Urban Draignage Group Summer Event  – 22nd June 2017
    Thur 22nd Jun 2017 09:00 -17:00
    Dunblane, Scotland
    ac&e are proud sponsors of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) Urban Drainage Group Summer event 2017. This year’s summer event will take place in Dunblane, Scotland. ac&e’s long-standing relationship with CIWEM events reflects the ideal partnership its bespoke high performance computing solutions provide to those involved in modelling of urban drainage.

    Webinar: BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER: ModelCenter: The Framework for Model Based Engineering – 8th June 2017

    Thursday 8th June 2017, 3-4pm BST
    Presented by: Dr. J. Simmons, Lead Application Engineer, PHOENIX INTEGRATION

    Harnessing the power of HPC for success in CFD – 18th May 2017
    Thur 18th May 2017 09:30 -14:00
    Daresbury, UK
    ac&e in conjunction with Intelligent Light is holding a one-day event on harnessing the power of HPC for CFD engineers. New methods for handling large CFD data sets will be presented with a special focus on using data computed on remote HPC resources. Case studies of innovative solutions in use by our clients today will provide concrete examples of how we can put the same technologies to work for you.

    Live Webinar: ModelCenter®, The Framework for Model Based Engineering – 10th May 2017
    Wednesday 10th May 2017 | 15:00 – 16:00 BST
    A Better Design with Model-Based Systems Engineering: Functional Verification using System-Level Modeling.
    Presented by Paul Goossens, Vice President, Engineering Solutions, Maplesoft and Subodh Chaudhari, Senior Application Engineer, Phoenix Integration

    Engineering Simulation Show – 27th April 2017
    Thur 27th April 2017 10:00 -16:00
    Derby, UK
    The show provides a fantastic chance to explore ac&e’s combination of fit-for-purpose hardware and fast turnaround aero/hydrodynamics software. Visit our stand for an informal, no-obligation demonstration of how this could greatly improve your productivity and speed to market.