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    Our programme of events for 2024 is currently being planned.

    Previous Events

    pSeven User Conference 2023 – Online
    18 October 2023.

    Together with our partner, DATADVANCE we are pleased to invite you to view the recordings of our pSeven User Conference 2023, our annual event for industry professionals to learn how to get the most out of design optimization, predictive modeling and collaborative engineering.

    Participating in P7UC2023 was a great opportunity for design engineers, simulation experts, R&D specialists, data scientists, methods and tools experts and other professionals from any industry to get together to establish collaboration and find solutions to the most relevant challenges.

    pSeven at NAFEMS World Congress 2023
    15-18 May 2023

    Our partner, DATADVANCE participated at NAFEMS World Congress 2023 that was held on May 15-18 in Tampa, Florida, USA. Laurent Chec, General Director of DATADVANCE SAS, presented “Deployment of Machine Learning models on production line to predict product quality instantly

    DATADVANCE at automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2023
    25-26 April 2023

    Our partner, DATADVANCE exhibited at the 15th automotive CAE Grand Challenge on-site in Hanau, Germany. On April 26. Laurent Chec, General Director of DATADVANCE SAS, together Nicolas Belhomme, Head of Technical Structure Referent of Manitou, presented on “Use of ML/AI and Adaptive Design of Experiment to Assess Stability Domain of Construction Vehicles and Reduce Physical Tests”.

    pSeven Enterprise Webinar Series

    View recordings of a series of pSeven Enterprise webinars and learn how to build, deploy, operate and manage Digital Twins at scale with a cloud-native low code platform.

    Webinar 1.  Automation, optimization and democratization using low-code environment

    16 Nov 2022

    This webinar presented the main features of low-code collaborative cloud-based pSeven Enterprise platform. You will learn how to capture your simulation, optimization and data analysis processes in a true collaborative multi-user environment. Create, customize, re-use and share your workflows within your company to build a true multi-disciplinary collaboration with no effort thanks to low-code paradigm.

    Webinar 2.  From low-code workflows to analytical and optimization web-services

    23 Nov 2022

    pSeven Enterprise allows you not only to create workflows of any complexity in a low-code approach, but also to turn them into web-services in one click. Any workflow in pSeven Enterprise can act as a service thanks to REST API. This enables a variety of scenarios, from apps with simplified User Interface in a native AppsHub to deep integration with external IIoT, data stream and dashboarding platforms . In this webinar we will show, how you can create web-based engineering calculators and turn your workflow into interactive optimization or predictive web-services.

    Webinar 3.  Integration of automated engineering workflow with SPDM/SLM systems

    30 Nov 2022

    Automation of simulation processes, while providing significant productivity gain, leads to vast amount of engineering data, generated by domain experts in various departments across design office. This data and associated processes has to be properly managed. Who, when, and why did run the simulation? Who has access to the results of simulation? What data, e.g. models, boundary conditions, etc., was used to run the simulation? pSeven Enterprise itself only partially answers all these questions. But thanks to the openness of pSeven Enterprise environment, it could be easily integrated with third-party PLM or Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) platforms like Siemens Teamcenter, Aras Innovator, or PDTec SimData Manager. In this webinar we will explain in details pSeven Enterprise interoperability capabilities, and we will demonstrate the integration of automated engineering workflows with Aras Innovator.

    A Cloud-Native, LowCode Environment for Engineering Workflow Automation and Collaboration
    9 Nov 2022

    Our partner, DATADVANCE together with CIMdata presented this webinar on how the low code pSeven collaboration environment enables the capture, automation, and continuous refinement of best practices for performance simulation and collaborative design optimization. Further details.

    pSeven User Conference 2022
    12 Oct 2022

    The 2022 annual gathering of pSeven users community, is over. It was really great! There were so many interesting presentations and discussions on workflow automation, design space exploration, predictive modelling and collaboration in the cloud, together with updates on the latest developments with pSeven and pSeven Enterprise.  Watch recordings

    CadenceTECHTALK: Why Meshing Complex Marine Geometries Has Never Been So Easy
    27 July 2022

    Witness the next generation of meshing for marine applications: Mesh any geometry at the highest level of accuracy and speed, guaranteed. In this 30-minute webinar focusing on marine applications, Cadence present various new meshing features that will accelerate your workflow at all levels, from CAD preparation to mesh analysis, creating a solid basis for high-accuracy CFD simulation.

    NAFEMS UK Conference 2022
    7 – 8 June 2022
    ac&e exhibited at the NAFEMS UK regional conference in Milton Keynes. We exhibited our technologies for boosting your engineering capabilities and performance whether this be through high performance computing solutions, engineering analysis esp. CFD, engineering workflow automation, design space exploration, predictive modelling or cloud based enterprise-wide collaborative engineering.

    pSeven Intro Webinars
    9 Mar – 6 Apr 2022
    ac&e’s partner, DATADVANCE presented this introductory series of webinars on their pSeven platform with a focus on the key steps towards DSE covering Process Automation, Design of Experiment, Machine Learning and Optimization.  Recordings are available for:

    DATADVANCE at AI, Data Driven Models & Machine Learning Online Seminar by NAFEMS
    23-24 February 2022
    ac&e’s partner, DATADVANCE sponsors the AI, Data Driven Models & Machine Learning: How Will Advanced Technologies Shape Future Simulation Processes? online international seminar by NAFEMS. At this virtual event, Sergey Morozov, President at DATADVANCE, presented “How to Develop and Deploy Hybrid (sim/ML) Models at Scale”.

    TOYOTA drastically reduces simulation time with Automatic CFD Pre-Processing
    Wednesday, 16 February 2022
    What if you could just eliminate the huge amount of manual work it requires to create a detailed, watertight model of a complete vehicle, ready for CFD simulation from the start? In this live webinar, Antoine Delacroix, Vehicle Performance Engineer R&D at Toyota Motor Corporation, demonstrated how they managed to set up an automatic pre-processing workflow that combines Cadence® Omnis™ AutoSeal’s powerful gap closing capabilities with the Omnis Hexpress volume-to-meshing approach.

    Full Vehicle CFD Simulation Accelerates Innovation with the OMNIS Automotive Wizard
    10 February 2022
    In this webinar, ac&e’s partner, Cadence showed how, with Cadence® Omnis™, engineers can simulate the behaviour of even the most complex geometries such as a complete vehicle with thousands of parts, without compromising on what matters most: accuracy, robustness and speed. A vast array of applications can be analysed in one single multidisciplinary environment: aerodynamics, aero-acoustics, thermal management, climate control, powertrain, rotating equipment water management.

    Webinar “CFD-Driven Optimization of an Industrial-Grade Compressor from Your Web Browser with Datadvance”
    8 February 2022
    In this webinar experts from SimScale and Datadvance presented a scalable, cloud-integrated workflow for fully automated optimization studies. Learn how connecting Datadvance’s cloud-native low code platform pSeven Enterprise to SimScale’s multiphysics cloud simulation engine using API allows a drastic speedup of simulation and optimization procedures.

    DATADVANCE User Conference 2021 (Virtual)
    14 October 2021
    The virtual User Conference (DUC2021) of our partner DATADVANCE was held on 14 October 2021 online.  This annual gathering of the pSeven users community provided a platform to discuss global industry trends and hurdles. DUC2021 conference focal point was a challenge that will soon impact every industry – the transition to a future sustainable energy system.

    The recordings of DUC2021 encompassed multi-industry presentations of customer success stories and the talks of energy and R&D experts, who revealed the role of ML-based cloud technology by DATADVANCE in driving the energy transition.

    23 June 2021

    Discover a new particle solver, surface-to-volume meshing and more than 100+ new capabilities to boost your productivity in this webinar about Omnis™ version of 5.1 from Cadence (formerly NUMECA).


    OMNIS™/Hexpress extends its unstructured mesh generation tool set with the surface-to-volume module.
    The surface-to-volume module allows generating 3D grids with high-quality surface meshes, aligned with the geometry and with smooth and thickness-controlled viscous layers when the geometry is clean and conformal.

    OMNIS™/AutoGrid can now generate multi-block structured meshes of axisymmetric meridional effects (e.g. seal leakage, bleed or cavities) connected to the channel of the turbomachinery configuration.

    The OMNIS™/Turbo simulation can run on a coarser grid level with the same mesh and simulation setup. This feature allows to quickly assess the correct setup of the simulation and preview its results before a final accurate run on the finest grid level.

    Webinar: Virtual Optimization of Suspension Parameters using Adams Car and pSeven
    16 June 2021

    This webinar was presented by our partner, DATADVANCE and by MSC Software, part of  part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.

    View the recording to discover the benefits of integration between Adams Car system by MSC Software to build and test functional virtual prototypes of complete vehicles and vehicle subsystems and DATADVANCE’s pSeven software platform. These benefits were demonstrated via an industrial use case involving the optimization of an automotive suspension damper.

    Webinar: Integrate any Engineering Software Easily into pSeven
    26 May 2021

    pSeven is a software platform that provides advanced tools for Design Exploration and Predictive Modeling, packaged in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. pSeven allows even non-math experts to solve challenging engineering problems and discover optimal designs.

    pSeven offers engineers several methods to integrate any CAD/CAE software packages their company use into a single workflow and to eliminate exhaustive repetitive tasks by automating file and data exchange between them. This webinar was dedicated to the main features and capabilities of the User Block in pSeven ― a new integration method released in the 6.17 version.

    31 Mar 2021

    We often hear about the burden of meshing preparations taking longer than the entire rest of the CFD chain. Cadence-NUMECA has a solution for that. The OMNIS™ environment offers many modern and intuitive meshing preparation tools that enable users to set up meshes for highly complex geometries in a matter of minutes.

    This 30-minute webinar explained and demonstrated these tools on different configurations and geometries.

    24 Mar 2021

    OMNIS™ is a design system that provides all tools for fast, accurate aerodynamic and structural analysis for many different types of fans and applications, reducing time-to-market and the costs associated with the many iterations of prototype building, scaling, and testing.

    In this webinar you will learn about:
    – An introduction to different types of fans and the design methods behind them
    – How to effectively simulate the performance of industrial fans with OMNIS™
    – The aerodynamic and structural analysis of different types of fans and applications

    17 Mar 2021

    FINE™/Marine and sailing yacht design are like water and fish: they are inseparable. With its vast experience working for the world’s top sailing boat designers in the context of the America’s Cup, the Vendée Globe, and plenty of other international racing regattas, FINE™/Marine’s development in sailing yacht CFD requirements is unrivaled, particularly in terms of meshing strategies, hydrofoil design, fully automated workflows, etc…

    This webinar explained in detail all the different features FINE™/Marine has to offer for sailing boat design and as such, is a “must watch” for marine engineers and naval architects working in the sailing yacht industry.

    Webinar: Simulate the Dynamics of Particles with OMNIS™/MPACTS
    Wed 3 Mar 2021 3pm GMT

    In this webinar learn all about the DEM method to simulate and optimize particle interactions in industrial processes.

    NUMECA demonstrated with a user case from one specific sector in particle management: mixing applications. Some of its main challenges being: how to make sure the mixing of all components is homogeneous, and how to ensure this mixing occurs in minimal time?

    Catenary Approach for Cable Modelling on Hydrodynamic Applications
    18 Dec 2020

    Thanks to NUMECA’s new collaboration with D-ICE Engineering, cables can be modeled with a higher degree of accuracy in FINE™/Marine. This new module, called Catway, uses a catenary approach for modeling the lines with a quasi-static determination of the tension forces exerted on attached bodies. It also raises the bar of traditional quasi-static modeling by allowing fully three-dimensional set-ups for complex computations involving mooring systems for vessels and floating offshore structures.

    1-2 Dec 2020

    The NUMECA User Meeting experience you know and love but held virtually in 2020 – NUMECA experts and industry leaders provided insight into the latest CFD technology driving transformational change. The user meeting featured two half days packed with virtual workshops and presentations.

    Webinar: Using pSeven for Optimization of the Ion Engine and Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    Tue 24 Nov 2020

    Mikhail Gusev, Research Scientist at the Center for Design, Manufacturing, and Materials within Skoltech, demonstrated two case studies. The first was the ion engine modelling and optimization of design parameters. The second case study describes a shape optimization of hydrogen fuel cells.  Mikhail considered overall systems development, workflows built for the analysis and some interesting results of the optimization.

    Webinar: Full Aircraft meshing and simulation with OMNIS™
    4 Nov 2020
    In this webinar, NUMECA demonstrated how OMNIS™ can be used to provide highly reliable meshes and simulations for full aircraft configurations.

    Webinar: CFD Wind Study for Ship Superstructures
    21 Oct 2020
    During this webinar NUMECA presented all possible numerical aspects dedicated to wind studies for marine engineering and showed industry examples and best practices that can bring naval designs to a new level.

    User Conference: DATADVANCE 2020
    6 Oct 2020
    DATADVANCE held the virtual edition of its User Conference 2020.   This was an anniversary edition celebrating 10 years of continuous growth and software development to support customers in solving their engineering challenges.

    Webinar: FINE™/Marine and C-Wizard: Easy-to-use and efficient CFD tools for naval architecture
    8 July 2020
    Discover the speed and ease-of-use of FINE™/Marine thanks to the C-Wizard and see how marine design teams today use it to gain a competitive edge.

    Webinar: Take advantage of the CoupledNumerics pressure-based solver in OMNIS™
    10 June 2020
    Learn about NUMECA’s highly efficient pressure-based solver for simulating the flow in a large number of applications, such as heat exchangers, industrial fans, hydraulic turbomachinery, car thermal management or external aerodynamics.

    Webinar: Solving complex combustion challenges with OMNIS™
    3 June 2020
    Join us to discover NUMECA’s combustion models, integrated in the new environment OMNIS™, to get the fastest high-fidelity solutions and dedicated post-processing tools to control the formation of chemical emissions.

    Webinar: Design and Shape Optimization of a Wind Turbine Blade
    3 June 2020
    On behalf of DATADVANCE, ace&e invites your to this webinar which will present a real engineering example of optimization in the field of wind power industry. Liubov Lavrishcheva, Head of Flypoint Parametrica and Project Manager at Krylov State Research Centre, will present the design and 3D shape optimization of a wind turbine blade with a rated power of 3,45 MW.

    Webinar: Automatic Mesh Generation in OMNIS™
    27 May 2020
    ace&e invites your to this webinar, where NUMECA will demonstrate the automatic fluid-solid grid generation for an E-V battery application.

    Webinar: pSeven Enterprise – AI-powered Cloud Solution to Collaboratively Design the Best Products Faster
    27 May 2020
    On behalf of DATADVANCE, ace&e invites your to this webinar introducing pSeven Enterprise ― a true cloud solution that democratizes design optimization and predictive analytics technologies to enable engineers to design collaboratively the best products faster.

    Webinar: Fully-coupled 3D CFD engine simulations with the Nonlinear Harmonic method
    6 May 2020

    Predictive Modelling capabilities in pSeven
    22 April 2020
    The concept of predictive modeling and its potential applications was presented. Webinar attendees:

    Sonic boom prediction for supersonic aircraft
    21 April 2020

    The second part of this aeronautics webinar series was dedicated to sonic boom prediction for supersonic aircraft. In this webinar, it was shown how FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ delivers high-accuracy results for the aerodynamic behavior of supersonic aircraft.

    NUMECA presented a full-chain workflow for the aerodynamics simulation of a NASA Concept 25D supersonic aircraft, starting with tailored mesh generation techniques.

    Design of Experiments and Optimization in pSeven
    15 April 2020
    This webinar explained:

    Introduction to Design Exploration and Predictive Modeling Capabilities of pSeven
    8 April 2020
    This webinar highlighted  the functionalities available in pSeven, a software platform for design space exploration and predictive modeling by Datadvance: