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  • Downloads and Movies

    Try CRS robot simulations on your own PC
    The following downloads are available for trying CSR robot simulations on your own PC:
    (You will need to download the 3D interactive movie player before you can view the other movies).

    3D Interactive Movie Player
    3D interactive movie player with simple movie [0.83 Mb]

    Additional Movies
    Pipeweld (multi-station robot welding) [0.92 Mb]
    Comau Stamp (robots feeding presses) [0.58 Mb]
    Railtrack (automatic painting) [3.73 Mb]
    B71chg (robot spot weld with tool change) [0.69 Mb]

    Please contact us if you wish to see more examples of these 3D movies.

    Download instructions:
    1. Create a folder on your hard-drive to contain the files you will download.
    2. Download the 3D Interactive Movie Player and any additional movies into the folder.
    3. You will need to unzip the movie files using WinZip (see below) before using them.
    4. Now run the Movie Player, by double-clicking the downloaded CINE.exe file.
    5. Select File -> Load from the menu and click on the movie you wish to play.

    Notes on WinZip:
    The movie files have been compressed using WinZip to reduce the download time required. If you do not already have WinZip installed on your computer, it can be downloaded from