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  • Fidelity CFD Solution


    A streamlined CFD workflow for design, multidisciplinary analysis, and optimization in a single environment.

    ac&e’s partnership with Cadence enables you to unleash the potential of CFD:

    The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) industry faces increasing demand for efficiency, fidelity, and speed.  Improved real behavioral modeling of systems yields greater degrees of fidelity and security for the products you send out into the world.

    The Cadence® Fidelity™ CFD Platform is the end-to-end solution for all CFD-related applications. The dedicated tools within Fidelity CFD can solve each step of the simulation process quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Fidelity CFD was designed with ease of use in mind with an intuitive and application-driven interface or through automated processes with the Python API or optimization module available. more