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  • Server Rack
    From one, to one thousand PCs or servers

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    You can lose data in many ways and usually it is completely unexpected & when you need it most. Your PC or Mac can die, get hacked, spyware, viruses, or you could drop your laptop. ac&e’s partnership with DataBunker provides you with the capability to keep your valuable files safe in case of disaster. We can provide a range of backup and disaster recovery solutions for all sizes of business. From 1 PC to 1000 PCs or Servers.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Fully automated backups
    • Fast data recovery
    • Daily email report
    • We are 100% UK based
    • UK technical support
    • Secure and encrypted
    • Offsite backup location

    For further information email or call +44(0)1925 606400