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  • January 24th, 2013

    It was the dynamic arrow pointing to an exciting future that convinced ac&e this was the right image for an organisation leading the way in innovation.

    The company which until now, you will have known as Applied Computing & Engineering, is streamlining its communications to enable its US, European and Asian subsidiaries to more easily communicate with customers and partners around the world under the simple title ‘ac&e’.

    Equally important was the decision to create a brand identity that captured in a simple graphic way the ambition and vision that the business has for its clients, as well as its ground-breaking approach.  The triangular symbol represents the three key aspects to the business: design simulation, manufacturing simulation and industry leading high performance computing capabilities.

    These are exciting times for ac&e as it continues to provide cutting edge solutions to clients such as Nissan, Lockheed Martin and Spirit Aerosystems, along with Formula 1, a growing number of large utilities companies and SMEs.

    Yash Khandhia, director of ac&e is hugely enthusiastic about the new image:

    “The new brand identity is a logical progression for the company which celebrates 25 years this year.  In that time we have always sought to push the boundaries of innovation to bring time- and cost-saving solutions to clients around the world. We believe this represents another exciting chapter for ac&e and its customers.”

    ac&e will be rolling out the brand across all its communications, beginning with its new look website at

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